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Pool is being out of service for 10 years needs pump and more the swimming pool is in san gabriel
Pomona, CA
We are looking for someone who installs San Juan Pools Grand Manhattan in Romney Indiana. We would want an automatic pool cover, a recommended filtration system (salt system) for a fiberglass pool and a pool heater to fit the size of the pool. We will want to use natural gas for the heater. Concrete
Romney, IN
Pool remodel
Apple Valley, CA
Looking for someone who can give me a quote for an inground or semi inground vinyl swimming pool installation.
Loveland, CO
Looking for 26 by 16 with a baja shelf. 3 1/2 feet to 5 feet deep. Heater and saltwater system. Cover maybe? a few lights. basic rectangle design. No concrete work needed except for the 1 foot around the pool.
Los Angeles, CA
Building, Spas
We have around a 10000sq ft lot. We are looking for some ideas for a modestly sized pool for our family of 3 (not including pups) and a possible water feature attached. We back up to Main st and the traffic can be noisy in the backyard. We would need to get the design approved by our HOA. We're not in
Parker, CO
Installation, Design, Water Features
Replace missing tiles on our gunite pool, and clean all tiles
Yakima, WA
Quote for pool installation
Bowie, MD
Interested in building a pool
Mission, TX
Building, Design
Looking to in ground pool installation
Haysville, KS
Looking to have a smaller rectangular in ground swimming pool assembled and installed. 10x20
Charlotte, NC
Building, Installation
I am looking to build a pool in my backyard. We are in the planning stages for 2021 season. Approximately 25 ft x 10 ft Gunite -martel dust- salt water
New Rochelle, NY
We have eco lab broken equipment and want to install new automation equipment.
Laramie, WY
Installation, Commercial
Pool is 20 by 40 plastic liner needs replaced
Charleston, WV
Looking for an above ground pool
Albion, PA
Inground pool needs new liner and replace steel walls.
Littleton, CO
Looking for above or inground pool installation.
Youngstown, OH
We were wanting to know how much it costs to get a basic pool installed in our backyard and what other features/maintenance you suggest. Also wondering how long the process generally takes from planning to completion. Thanks so much!
Midland, TX
Installation, Planning
I am starting from scratch, I am looking for a quote for a pool for my yard.
Mount Prospect, IL
Inground pool 15X30 needs complete repair. The cement is damaged. Would like options and estimates on what is the best way to repair the pool. Currently is a vinyl pool but looking into possibly having a different finish.
Cicero, IL
Plastering, Restoration, Repair
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