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We have a pool with diamond brite plaster. On our sundeck where it rounds the edge along the pool thumb tiles that line the sundeck/steps, there is a good size section of plaster that has popped off. There are no cracks in the concrete underneath. It started like there was a small crack in the grout along the thumb tiles and then the plaster that butted up to the grout line started to flex and then enough water got in and it popped off a few weeks later. I am needing the sundeck and the area the plaster popped off of re-plastered and also someone to inspect any other possible areas of delamination. My pool was built in March of 2103. The plaster was "supposed" to be a 10 yr warranty according to my pool builder when we had it done, but my pool builder and the plaster people won't honor the warranty and are saying there isn't a warranty now. I've been trying for 2 months now to get it fixed and he keeps dragging his feet and not showing up when he says he will. I just need it fixed. Thank you.
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Pool Plastering, Pool Repair
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