Coping Stones Chester, SC

Medusa Concrete is a concrete company that has over 20 years experience with pool construction. We realized the need for a better pool coping for fiberglass pools. We used our knowledge and experience from precast production, countertop construction, and concrete stamping to invent the product "Coping Stones". This product bridges a gap that has been missing in this industry for years. It revolutionizes the way fiberglass pool copings look compared to cantilevered concrete coping. In 2015 Our first manufacturer allowed us access to their pool designs to begin building the forms that coincide with each of their pool models. Shortly after, we began production of Coping Stones in our facility in Chester SC.
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Phone Number (803) 554-1872
City Chester, SC
Zip Code 29708
Address 2658 Kee Moore DR
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Key People
Jarrod Jones
Jarrod Jones
(803) 554-1872
I am an experienced concrete finisher that has had a lot of experience with pool construction. I saw the problems associated with cantilever forms and invented a precast coping system specifically for fiberglass pools.
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