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Rated Poor from 4 reviews
Don't live a Home Swimming Pool horror story! Doing Construction, renovation or a simple upgrade on your property is a big investment. As consumers we all want the most for our dollar, but there are other very important and often intangible factors that should be taken into consideration - such as your peace of mind, security and long term warranty.

We are the leading builder of inground swimming pools and spas in Miami and South Florida and we re #1 in time of completion. Don't take this from us! We invite you to confirm this information in the Miami-Dade County Building departments public records.
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  • Building
  • Commercial
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Remodeling
  • Renovation
  • Spas
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Phone Number (305) 260-9777
City Miami, FL
Zip Code 33155
Address 2950 SW 71st Ave
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  • Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau
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Enjoy in your own custom built inground swimming pool in the privacy of your own back yard you ve earned it. We transform your property into an enjoyable oasis perfect for family fun, entertainment, exercise, and quiet moments relaxing alone.
We have over 18 crews at our disposal we can guarantee, the fastest construction schedule for any commercial pool project in Miami. We specialize in the Hotel, Condominium, and Gated Communities. Contact us today to start planning your Commercial Pool or Renovation project.
Rated Poor (1 of 5) from 4 reviews
  Poor customer service and misrepresentation
by Alicia from Miami
May 13, 2014
Genie pools is run by inadequate staff and leadership. Leadership refuses to take action or accountability. My pool contracts were signed in May 2013. We are at almost a year with failure to complete the work. We were told 45-60 days. BE WARNED! We have filed complaints w/ the BBB and the States Attorney General's office.
I don't recommend this business
Can't name one
  The biggest pool fraud in Miami
by Florencia
May 08, 2014
They are the WORST company I have ever seen. They leave your pool unattended for months, do not return your calls, 7 month with my pool in work and they have not finished. They do not even reply emails. They shouldn't be operating anymore it is incredible the law has done NOTHING to shut them down!
I don't recommend this business
  Not Recommended!
by Bud Kinnjebrew from Homestead
Apr 08, 2014
Genie Pools is an absolute joke! I would not recommend this company to unbox an inflatable pool! I signed a contract with Genie Pools last year (April 2013) and as of this review the pool is still not done. Customer service is non-existent at Genie Pools; my phone calls, e-mails and even certified letters were generally ignored. When I did get ahold of Gabe (the construction manager/owners son), I was either blown off or lied to; this seem to be the general business practice for Genie Pools. Upon construction of my pool the main pool light was installed off center, the initial reply from Ricardo Guardia and Gabe Guardia was that "the light will still light up the pool", I explained to them this was unacceptable and they moved it. In their usual cut corners fashion they filled the area they cut out primarily with debris from the site, when question on this Gabe Guardia informed me "this is an acceptable construction method and that are wont leak". As you can imagine that area leaks and has leaked since filling the pool last August. Like all the other issues with my pool Genie Pools will not own up and honor their warranty.

In addition; my pool light works intermittently, they drilled holes through four of my windows for bonding and never repaired (because their electricians have no idea what they are doing either), the diamond finish looks horrible, the pavers are sinking, and most disturbingly the pool barrier has never been functional, and the list goes on. I am disgusted that companies like Genie Pools and their owners/representatives are able to conduct business in this matter unchecked. I urge anyone reading this that has had a similar experience with Genie Pools to contact the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
I don't recommend this business
  If you see them coming, run!
by G. S. from Miami
Apr 04, 2014
If there was a lower rating, I would have given it to them.
Shysters, really good cons. Make all the promises under the sun and once they have your money, it's over.

Yes sir Mr. Customer we will have your pool finished in 2.5-3.5 months (try 9.5 almost like giving birth but worse)
Yes sir Mr. Customer we have been in business for over 22 years now and are proud members of the BBB (well their BBB Rating is "F" and has been revoked).

Yes sir, our construction manager will be at your job site on a regular basis to follow progress and make sure it's all going according to plan (he showed up 1 time to mark the hole and 1 time right after to collect the next payment, by the way the construction manager is the owners son Gabriel, the most disrespectful person I have ever met, he will never answer your calls or stand up for any of their errors).

These guys are all about making a quick buck, I guarantee you they will not be in business much longer, they can say they have more jobs than anyone else, but you can only mistreat customers and stay in existence for so long acting like they do.

I highly recommend spending the extra dollar with a more reputable company, one that keeps promises and does not hide when problems arise.

STAY AWAY if you are smart, read all the negative reviews on the web, trust me they are all true. The good reviews are probably planted by them.

You have been warned!
I don't recommend this business
Great sales pitch
Do not keep promises
  • Genie Pools Florida
    Genie Pools Florida
    We are South Florida's number One Pool and Spa Building Contractors with the Lowest Prices. From Pools to Spas, Filters, Pool Decks, Patios, fountains, water slides, deck jets, both Residential and Commercial. Get in touch with us today 305-260-9555 and we can help you get that new pool or spa you have...
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