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Building a swimming pool? I've been repairing swimming pools since 1992. I've seen a lot of great pools and a lot of messed up pools. These are my suggestions to get the most value for your backyard future (I will update this post as I think of more helpful information).by Mike the Poolman
Gas leakage is not only an inconvenience but also a dangerous situation and this is why as soon as a leak is detected you must call an expert to fix it urgently. In the situation of leakage of gas it is advisable to call only the experts and professionals who have enough experience and knowledge aboutby Leak Masters USA
Has your child ever gotten out of the pool and complained that their eyes sting badly? This is the first of 8 Automatic Swimming Pool Products that Make Life Easier which can be downloaded as a free guide.by Pool Pros, Inc.
We've all seen insects in swimming pools. In fact, many aquatic insects can become quite a nuisance to swimming pool owners. Most of these bugs are simply attracted to lights and accidentally fall into pools, while some of these insects will actually take up residence in neglected swimming pools.by Fluid Pool Designs
When conditions allow it, algae will grow very quickly in a backyard swimming pool. Sometimes even chlorine can't keep algae away. Once you've properly removed the algae , you might find that your concrete swimming pool walls and floor are covered in algae stains. These stains are unsightly and can beby Fluid Pool Designs
Summer is here and you cant wait to get your swimming pool open but you find that your pool cover is filled with water and debris. Sound familiar? It happens every year to many people who find it impossible to remove their swimming pool cover without sending dirty water, leaves and other debris cascadingby Fluid Pool Designs
Summer Pool Safety Tips Summer is the most fun time of year, but that doesn't mean that summer activities should be approached with a carefree attitude.by Swimtown Pool Supplies
There are many things to consider when installing a swimming pool. One of the most important things is commonly the most overlooked. When calculating the space needed for the swimming pool itself, you must also consider how much space to leave around it.by Fluid Pool Designs
There are many reasons for you to have a good understanding of your swimming pool chemistry. The most important aspect of good water chemistry is for your families safety. If you let your pool chemicals get out of range, they may have ill affects on your overall health.by Everything Swimming Pools
Gunite swimming pools are one of the most common types of swimming pool built for home use for two main reasons; gunite pools are extremely durable and offer a wide range of design options.by Fluid Pool Designs
The majority of in-ground concrete swimming pools are covered with a layer of plaster. Since the concrete alone cannot be effectively waterproofed for a swimming pool, the plaster layer is applied in order to keep the water inside the pool.by Fluid Pool Designs
There is no arguing that a home with a swimming pool is a luxury for most homeowners. In areas with warmer climates, a swimming pool becomes a relaxing place to enjoy the summer sun.by Fluid Pool Designs
There are many different types of swimming pool finishes, each offering their own unique qualities. While some swimming pool finishes add great visual appeal, others might be more durable.by Fluid Pool Designs
A pool sounds like a great idea, and then you try to buy one and realize it can be a bit overwhelming.by Swimtown Pool Supplies
Are you dreaming of a pool like this for summer? It's time to start planning! Looking to have a pool ready to enjoy by the summer of 2013? Then it's time to get started with your pool project. Winter and early spring are the best times to start planning and getting your finances and budget in line.by Sunset Pools & Spas
Eliminate Stress With A Spa If you are one of the unfortunate ones stuck in a bitter climate and eagerly anticipating the warmer weather, hot tubs and spas are the perfect remedy to escape the winter blues.by Catalina Pools
Fiberglass pool finish or plaster pool finish explained There are a few things to consider when asking yourself these questions. Do we go with a fiberglass pool finish? Or do we go with a plaster pool finish? By the end of this post, you will know everything pertaining to both pool surfaces.by Everything Swimming Pools
The edge of a swimming pool is referred to as coping. Swimming pool coping surrounds the perimeter of a swimming pool and is both functional as well as design oriented. Swimming pool coping serves as a non-slip barrier cap, keeping debris from entering the pool.by Fluid Pool Designs
Pool Cleaners Cost: Do-It-Yourself vs Professional Help We live in sunny Southern California, we all have pools we love and we have all tried getting out of paying for pool cleaners.by Bonita Pool & Spa
Common In-Ground Swimming Pool Problems Summer is just around the corner and soon kids and adults alike will be running for open water. For many that run will only be a couple of feet from the back door.by Fluid Pool Designs
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